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Koh Chang Activities | Activities and sports in Koh Chang

Besides a relaxed beach vacation Koh Chang has various leisure offers for active holidaymakers, e.g. snorkelling, diving or mountain-biking. In many locations, there are snooker tables, volleyball fields and table tennis tables. Many resorts rent kayaks and arrange jungle treks as well as all day boat tours to the surrounding islands.

Scooters can be rented in most places, which makes the island easier to explore independently, however the driver should have some two-wheeler experience. The road becomes partly very steep and curvy south of Kai Bae Beach, which means untrained drivers can come into difficulties quite easily. Unfortunately taxi-drivers only pay a small amount of attention to motorbikes, therefore when renting a scooter you should ensure that both the brakes and the horn are in working order. In all villages, piers and at the hospital speed should be reduced because there are sleeping-policemen on the road, even during the day it is difficult to see them as they are not signposted.

If you want to explore the island in a more environmentally-friendly way you can walk around Koh Chang within 3 - 5 days on the road or by more or less comfortable ways. For the less ambitious, there are small paths all over which lead to short or long walks.

At almost all beaches, masseurs and masseuses offer Thai massages for between 200-250 Baht. In all Beach-Villages, you'll find small Massage-Shops directly on the road. In Baan Khlong Prao you can attend courses in traditional Thai massage. There are also some Tattoo parlours on the island, whose standard is allegedly very good.

There are 2 Elephant-Camps on Koh Chang, which offer elephant-trekking into the jungle.

Additionally Koh Chang offers many other attractions including waterfalls, temples, the national park administration and museum or the beautiful viewpoints, which are all worth a visit (see 'Sights'). Divers find fascinating diving areas off the shores of Ko Chang and the surrounding islands. Besides the many coral reefs, sunk warships can be visited in the Salak Phet Bay.

There are diving schools at all of the 4 largest beaches on the west coast, where tours can be booked or various diving licences can be obtained.

Sailing-tours can also be booked in many resorts and travel agencies.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008