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Koh Chang Attractions | Waterfalls on Koh Chang, Thailand
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Tan Mayom Waterfall

Tan Mayom Waterfall is the three storey fall of medium size. The footpath up to the site, situated 500 meters from durian orchard, is near the office of the national park. King Rama V and VI once visited the place and singed their royal names on the highest cliff of the cascade.

Klong Nonsi Waterfall

\"$metaH1\"Klong Nonsi Waterfall is a little fall in the northeast zone of the island. The side walk to the area lies 3 Km. grom Baan Daan Mai or 3 Km. from the national park office.

Klong Nueng Waterfall

Klong Nueng Waterfall is a small fall situated remotely from Salak Petch Community near Salak Petch Waterfall.

Klong Plu Waterfall

Klong Plu Waterfall has three storeys. The entrance is 3 Km. from Ao Klong Prao Community. It will take about 20 minutes from the entrance to the site by walking.

Tri Petch Waterfall

Tri Petch Waterfall has only one storey. The place is situated 3 Km. from Salak Petch Community along the orchard of rubber trees.


Last Updated: 30 Oct 2007