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Koh Chang Nightlife | Bars and Thai girls in Koh Chang

Nights on Koh Chang are fairly quiet affairs. The usual format is a nice meal, maybe on the beach, and a few lazy beers.

Koh Chang nightlife: beach bars

The first night we ate at Cookie's place, a few hundred yards down the beach, where we tucked into barbecued red snapper and squid. The food wasn't fantastic, though nice enough, but the setting was wonderful. Under a clear sky, we sat and chatted and listened to the gentle whispers of the tide.

Oodie Bar

After eating we headed off up the main street in search of a bar and made Oodie's our first port of call. The eponymous Oodie, I was told later, is a fairly well-known Thai blues guitarist who's since escaped to Koh Chang where he runs one of the more livelier places in White Sands.

Moon Bar (and here are the Thai bargirls!)

From Oodie's we moved on to Moon Bar, another tiny bar with two punters and four staff. It even had a bar girl, making it the nearest I found to a Bangkok beer bar, though the similarity was no more than tenuous.

KC Bar

At this point my friends decided they had had enough and headed back to their hut. Being only 11pm, I was still raring to go, though I had little idea where. Thankfully I found KC's - the only place in the area that you could actually call a nightspot. Situated on the beach, it comprised a small dance floor, booming music and a dozen or so mats laid out on the sands, around which small groups of backpacker and diving instructor types drank watered down spirits from communal ice buckets.

It was actually very relaxing and I soon found myself part of a group, chatting with Pete from Derby, who was working his way around the globe, Jan from Sweden who'd just left college and hadn't a clue what he wanted to do, and various other bohemians, travelers and drop-outs.

I could stay here, I thought...

Last Updated: 31 Oct 2007