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17/1 Moo 1, , Koh Mak, Trat 23120 Thailand

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Location of Baan Koh Mak

Baan Koh Mak is on the tiny island of Koh Mak, accessible only from the legendary island of Koh Chang, in the Gulf of Siam. Travel to Koh Chang and then take an onwards ferry to Koh Mak.

Koh Mak is a National Marine Reserve. With white sandy beaches, tropical rainforest, and clear shallow waters it is a magical island. It is the perfect location for swimming, snorkelling and all watersports. There is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy Thailand’s famous massage treatments and world-class cuisine. Koh Mak is in Trat Province, 300km east of Bangkok. Trat is easily accessible by flight, car and bus with a short onwards ferry to Koh Chang.

By Air – 50 minute flight from Bangkok to Trat Airport with flights daily.

By Car – 4-5 hour drive from Bangkok to Trat. Via Bangna-Chonburi-Klaeng-Chanta Buri (Highway No. 344).

By Bus – 5 hour journey. Air conditioned buses depart from Bangkok’s East and North Bus Terminals to Trat Bus Terminal daily

Ferries between Koh Chang and Koh Mak run daily from Lam Ngob and Ao Nid piers.